The Higher Taste: TODAY: Guest Speaker Boaz Ramos


~ Living a Life of Compassion ~

... will be facilitated by guest-speaker Boaz Ramos.

Boaz (also known by his Sanskrit name, Balaram Chandra) is a yoga teacher in the Krishna Bhakti and Kripalu traditions. He heads up the wildly popular Vegan Cooking Workshop at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Born and partially raised on Native American reservation, Boaz was an aspiring follower of Sub Comadante Marcos in Chiapas before he found his true calling as a BMX-riding yogi.

Boaz has deeply studied the science of AHIMSA (the path of non-violent living), and he will shed some light on the connection between our spirituality, our lifestyle, and what we can do to reverse the ecological crisis... from the inside out.

Today, Thursday March 27, - Scott Hall Rm. 204 (-ish) ... starts @ 8pm

Eat, pray, love.

RSVP on Facebook (search Rutgers Bhakti Club)
or email rutgersbhakti[at]gmail[dot]com for more info.

Om Shanti.

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