Meditation Secrets Revealed: What is Intuition?

There is a wiser part in all of us that speaks very softly. When our busy minds are full of thoughts, hearing that wiser part is like trying to hear a soft whisper in the middle of a deafening and rowdy football game. A busy mind full of thoughts is said to have mind chatter. As a result of the cumulative effects of all the previously discussed techniques, we can begin to quiet the mind and learn to listen really closely and catch the whisper of this inner voice. It is always there. It can manifest itself in many ways and the experience is different for everyone. This inner voice is sometimes called intuition. One example would be while driving, to suddenly feel that we must change lanes, only to realize that by doing so we have avoided an accident. Or, maybe while walking down the street we get pulled into a particular store or place to discover something wonderful or special there that we have been seeking. Intuition is not to be confused with instinct. The latter is more closely associated with our bodies and often expressed in our unconscious urges, while the former is a type of channeling of universal wisdom. This is but one of many ways of looking, thinking about, or referring to intuition.

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